Peter Welleman's Illustrations, exploded views, cutaways, cartoons for magazines, books and web games.

Introduction As a freelance illustrator I create artwork for books, board games, magazines, museums and lately I can also add web sites and web games to the list. My style is very suitable for a young audience, however the content of my illustrations covers a broad range of subjects, from (political) satire to cutaways showing the technology of various machines. Illustrating by hand is my favourite technique, although I always apply colours, tweak and deliver digitally. My turnaround is fast and my price negotiable, please visit this site to check if I can contribute to your projects.

File Formats I will send illustrations in common vector or pixel formats, as created by regular illustration software

Rights I offer non-exclusive reproduction rights to my illustrations: you purchase the right to publish an illustration, which I'm entitled to sell again to other publishers. However I'm willing to negotiate other arrangements.

Illustration of pilot and plane, by Peter Welleman
Prices For commercial/governmental organizations: 50 Euros per hour, excl. VAT. The amount of hours to be spent is negotiable. For non-commercial/ governmental organizations: 30 Euros per hour, excl. VAT. Again the amount of hours to be spent is negotiable.

Payment You may pay by check or (electronic) funds transfer. I always provide an invoice for your Accounts Payable department. Click here for PayPal and bank account information.

Contact  You can contact me at +31-6-19431070 during local office hours, from 09:00 to 17:00 GMT+1, or even better, mail me:  Peter Welleman 

In case you would like to order please tell me:
  • Whether you would like to have a color drawing, or a gray drawing, or a line drawing
  • What resolution you want (usually this ranges from 300 to 600 dpi), what format
  • What exactly the content of the illustration will be (often the article is sent that needs to be illustrated)
  • What style you prefer, for example formal/business style or more cartoonish

Illustration of communication facilities of a worldcup stadium, by Peter Welleman

Illustration for the Hurriyet,of a modern office, by Peter Welleman cutaway digital camera