Illustrations or cutaways of the maglev (magnetically levitated train), cranes, ships, special vehicles and buildings.

To publish these illustrations in high resolution or commission new ones please contact me: or go to

aircraftcarrier building camera5 cellphone chassis
aircraftcarrier.jpg building.jpg camera5.jpg cellphone.jpg chassis.jpg
crane crushzone EVT G3connection gastanker
crane.jpg crushzone.jpg EVT.jpg G3connection.jpg gastanker.jpg
GPRS4 heaD highway hybrid hydrofoil
GPRS4.jpg heaD.jpg highway.jpg hybrid.jpg hydrofoil.jpg
ipod laserprinter levitation LNG maglev
ipod.jpg laserprinter.jpg levitation.jpg LNG.jpg maglev.jpg
marchetti modem nintendoWii noisereduction powerunit
marchetti.jpg modem.jpg nintendoWii.jpg noisereduction.jpg powerunit.jpg
printer prius roadbuilding rocket sensor
printer.jpg prius.jpg roadbuilding.jpg rocket.jpg sensor.jpg
skypephone skyrocket spaceframe steamer surroundsound
skypephone.jpg skyrocket.jpg spaceframe.jpg steamer.jpg surroundsound.jpg
tunnel tv+hifi3 umts vehicle wifiplane4
tunnel.jpg tv+hifi3.jpg umts.jpg vehicle.jpg wifiplane4.jpg

welleman welleman


Illustrations about technology have my special interest. I'm really fond of cutaways for a young audience, in a bit cartoonish style.